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E-commerce is growing quickly and reports predicts that global B2B e-commerce industry revenue will reach 6.7$ trillion in 2020. Buyers are rapidly gearing their researching and purchasing activities towards digital platforms and sellers similary shifting their resources toward providing an e-commerce portal to better reach and engage with their customers.

The internet is the preferable information source for your audience to know about your products or services, therefore you have to wide your web presence with good reputation to reach and attract your audience. We help businesses through cross channels strategies to be visible in front of your customers in the place and time, because your customers may come from advertising, search engines, backlinks, videos, articles, comparison websites, social media and others .

We help you to build winning ( Acquisition ) offence strategy to reach your target audience and achieve maximum CTR and ROI .


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC Advertising
  • Online Media Buying
  • Social Media Marketing


The first objective when your customers come to your website to interact and influence on his purchasing decision to convert.

Many times clients come with a problem, that they have big traffic with high bounce rate, low interaction and low conversion rate . Its not necessary that you have high traffic to get high conversion, because there are many factors have to be optimized to achieve the highest interaction that convert .

In this stage we help you to discover the conversions issues and opportunities like improving design, user experience, user journey and website search. We know the metrics that can influence on customer purchasing decision so we measure all metrics that lead to convert like bounce rate, buy-to-detail-rate, CTR, Conversion Rate and Cart abandonment rate.

Our Magento Egypt team help your brand to solve conversion rate issues and optimize all metrics that achieve the maximum conversion rate. Also We track single customer view to understand and analyze customers behaviour through their journey to make it easier .


  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Content Development
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • E-Commerce Analytics


Customer engagement is the emotional connection between your customers and your brand that drive long term profits and loyalty. Customer engagement With the rise of social technologies customers are now more powerful. They always connected status and ability to find information in seconds put them in control of their own experience and this trend forced marketers to rethink how they engage and connect with customers.

In order to survive today, businesses need to provide real-time, personalized experience that reach customers as they need them.

Customers who hate your brand spread negative emotions to stop others from doing business with you, but when you build a strong emotions between customers and brand can make customers love the brand, generate true believers who shop more and tell others about your brand .
Most brands tend to view social media as simply a platform to amplify their products and brand messaging, this approach has turned upside down by using digital technologies to provide more value to customers. By analyzing data obtained from social media, we can discover new customer trends before competitors. Social media strategy shifted from brand-focused platform to customers-focused .

The importance of engagement is importance of customer lifetime value. The customer engagement leads to repeated purchase. Repeated purchase leads to brand retention, brand retention leads to brand loyalty, brand Loyalty leads to more sales, leads and customer lifetime value (CLV).

Our engagement team help your brand to build, manage, and optimize customer engagement strategy to increase customer satisfactions that will translate into revenue . Our strategies aim to humanize your brand, make your customer happy and surprised .


  • Social Customer Relation Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Promotional Emails
  • Mobile Marketing


Repeated shoppers is the most profitable way to increase your sales because they convert easily, spend more and cost less. You may spend a lot of money to get new customers (acquisition), that's good, but you have to know that new customers not profitable as customers you already have ( Retention) ! Yes .

Obviously acquisition is important as you can't get repeated purchases if they never make the first purchase but the problem in the balance between spending budget to acquisition and retention.

Our Magento Egypt experts will analyze and measure all of rates and identify drop-off points to optimize and increase your repeat purchase rate by prepare a winning defence or retention strategy that fit .


  • Loyalty Programs
  • Customer Services & Live Support
  • Remarketing & Retargeting
  • Affiliate Marketing

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