Magento Performance Optimization

Online store speed is a killer,and Your customers are not patient. Slow page-load mean loss a lot of customers, loss a lot of actions on your website and loss a lot of sales.

On the other hand websites with optimized load-times achieved much higher conversion rates and average order value. Often, Web shoppers who have troubles with website performance say they won't return to this site to buy again and half of them would tell a friend about the poor shopping experience about the website.
This mean you are not just losing conversions but losing lots of potential sales because of a few seconds loading.

Studies show that consumers average waiting patience for page load is 3 to 5.25 seconds. Above that range the abandonment rate rises exponentially. Magento platform has many advantages but its heavy weight structure can cause performance challenges.
Magento Egypt team make your online store faster, that achieve more conversion and better user experience .

    Our Magento Performance Optimization Services includes :

  • Code Optimization
  • Database Optimization
  • Magento Configuration
  • Cashing Implementation and Configuration
  • Auto Scaling
  • Mageno Maintenance
  • Hosting Environment and Server Configuration
  • Media Content Optimization
  • On going site Monitoring

Our goal is to optimize page-load times and minimize site down-time.

magento store performace optimization egypt

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