Magento Multi Vendor (B2C) Marketplace Solution

Multi Vendors E-Marketplace Solution ( B2C )

We offer open source e-commerce B2C marketplace solution to bring sellers and buyers in one marketplace to trade online with a personalized shopping experience digitaly and physically.

Our marketplace solution flexible has rich-featured make you faciiate the business process from the purchasing order to the order fulfillment, and help our partners to rapidally adapt and complex change world.

Whether you are merchant, brand, startup, our solution will give you the capabilities that help you Business to consumer (B2C) marketplace is a platform allowing .

Multi Vendor / Marketplace Features

our b2C marketplace solution can fit your all business requirmrnts. All features your business needs in frontend and backed .

Marketplace Features

  • - Responsive design
  • - Multi-Language
  • - Multi-Curency
  • - Splitted Order
  • - Single checkout for products from multiple vendors
  • - Order Notification to vendors
  • - Vendor Following: allow shoppers the sellers/vendors, to reach them fast
  • - Paypal as Payment Method
  • - Cash On Delivery (COD)
  • - Flat Rate as Shipping method
  • - Ajax supported

Dashboard Features

  • - Product Management : admin can add, edit, delete products from catalog dashoard.
  • - Vendor/ Seller Management : admin can add, edit, delete seller account
  • - Order Management : admin can add, edit orders thrugh his dashboard
  • - Vendor/ Seller Approval: admin is the only one who has the permission to approve or disapprove sellers account
  • - Product approve mechanism : admin can make the product approval manually or automatically .
  • - Flexible Comission Structure : admin can set commsions based on percent or fixed amount per order.
  • - Vendor/ Seller group management: admin can add, edit, delete vendor groups.
  • - Vendor/ Seller Review system : admin can enable /disable review feature from dashboard.
  • - Vendor/ Seller Membership : admin can add subscriptions packages for sellers/vendors.
  • - Transactional Management: admin manage all transactions with sellers/ vendors.

Vendor Features

  • - Sperated Vendor URL
  • - Seperated Dashboard For Each Vendor
  • - Manage basic informmation : vendor/ seller manage his persona information ( store name, logo, banner, contact, email, about us, social media links).
  • - Product Management ( Add, Edit, Delete)
  • - Unlimited Products: vendor/seller can add unlimited products
  • - Categories Management ( vendor can add, edit, delete custom categories )
  • - Product Types : vendor/seller has the ability to add Multiple Product Types with mutliple attributes
  • - Request Withdwal : vendors allowed to request his money from the marketplace
  • - Transactionsl History: vendors/sellers can check his transactional history from his dashboar
  • - Withdrwal History ( vendor can check and export withdewals history in withdrwal page
  • - Vendor/ Seller Following Feature : vendor/seller can view hom many customer follow him
  • - Discount: vendor can add discount to his products

We offer a complete responsive service including bespoke design and functionality with ongoing support and maintenance

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